From the Desk of Principal

            At the very outset I extend a warm welcome to all worthy parents of The Harvest Public School for a meaningful schooling. We facilitate children to discover what they can become rather than what they were and what they are today. The basic concept of education are not diluted for peripheral and short term results.

               The three way process in Education ie. Formation, Information and Transformation is being implemented with at most care blessed with enormous talents which need to be discovered by parents and subsequently nurtured by the school. Absolute freedom to children results in the creation of spoiled brats, a problem which many new generation parents are confronting today. As Lord Budha remarked “Middle Path” can ensure the formation of ‘Total Quality Students’ who are not mere ‘Smartones’ but ‘good ones too’.

        I can assure all worthy stakeholders ie. parents my joining with The Harvest fraternity to lead this temple of knowledge in to the right direction without compromising the basic ethos of education. Let us strive together management, Principal The Harvest team and Parents to discover the hidden potentials of the dazzling diamonds our greatest savings.

As Abraham Lincoln opined

“We can complain because rose
bushes have thorns or
Rejoice because thorn bushes
have roses”

We need to re-engineer our mindset to tap the best out of our children and go ahead with a “Purposeful schooling” Thank you all

(Phd, M.Phil, M.Sc, B.Ed,PGDCA)
The Harvest Public School